Posted by: kkhans | April 8, 2010

The Home Stretch

Time has just flown by- I can’t believe that at this time last year I was planning my research trip to Paris. And I really can’t believe that I will be turning in my thesis next Friday!


I forgot how time consuming it can be to edit, especially since I have never edited a 60-page paper.  Just reading the paper thoroughly will take me over an hour. Formatting footnotes and creating a bibliography always takes more time than you think. For me, I have the added challenge of some titles being in French and the others in English. I am so thankful that my advisor encouraged me to finish a draft early. She has also been extraordinarily helpful in the revising and editing process, reading countless drafts and answering questions. Even with a month to revise, I still have things to tinker with.

I am also thankful that overall writing a thesis has not been a stressful process for me. I have really enjoyed researching and writing. Amazingly enough I am not sick of my topic yet (like some thesis writers I know of). The most frustrating part is not having “down time” because there is always something that you can be working on to improve your thesis.

This part of the school year is my favorite. Spring has finally sprung, everyone is studying outside and talking long walks with friends. Seniors in particular are getting nostalgic. For me, I have some more opportunities to present about what I have been studying this past year. I am currently faced with the challenge of cutting my 60-page thesis down to 10 for a conference next weekend. I am also looking forward to attending a reception honoring the donors who made my research possible.


Great to meet last month in Williamsburg, and congrats on your W&M experience. I’ve loved following your blog, and wish you all the best going forward!